Our Children’s Projects

The Chorley Day Care Centre

A nurturing facility in Ra’anana for children from all walks of life

The Chorley Day Care Centre was inaugurated in 1997 and is located in the Lev Ha’park district. Most of the children enrolled in the day care centre come from the neighbouring suburb of Kiryat Sharet, a lower-income community.

The day care centre cares for about 80 children, a growing number of whom are deemed at risk. Many of the parents who use this centre find themselves in dire circumstances and, therefore, the centre also accepts babies who are younger than six months old.

Programs at the day care centre aim to support each child’s development while encouraging curiosity, experiential learning and self-expression in a warm and supportive environment. The programs also encourage creative play and offer educational games and activities designed to promote sensory and motor development. The children participate in a range of enrichment activities such as music and movement class, developmental gymnastics, theatre performances and an animal petting program.

Recent renovations have made the Chorley Day Care Centre a modern facility that is able to offer the very best for its children. There are three newly renovated playgrounds, each with sun protection and age-appropriate equipment. A new kitchen has the capacity to serve both meat and milk meals separately.

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