Different Voices: Women and the Holocaust – 4 week course

Date 07 March 2024
Time 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location Melbourne Holocaust Museum, Elsternwick - address provided on registration
Cost (WIZO Member) $80

Different Voices: Women and the Holocaust will apply gender as a lens for understanding the Holocaust.

More than 2 million girls and women were murdered during the Holocaust, and their experiences must be understood for their uniqueness. Over the course of 4-weeks we will consider the ‘female voice’ to shed light on Jewish women’s experiences during the Holocaust by examining ghettos, camps, hiding, and resistance. By considering diaries, documents, and testimonies, we will delve into the lived experience that Jewish women faced on a daily basis during the Holocaust and the lessons we can take into the world today


Breann Fallon

Why study gender in the Holocaust? Readings Zoe Waxman, Untold Stories: The Representation of Women’s Holocaust Experiences Lawrence Langer, Gendered Suffering? Women in Holocaust Testimonies Week Overview: Whilst considerable analysis of the “final solution” has been undertaken, the issue of gender has been a relative newcomer to the field of Holocaust Studies. Women’s experiences must be reclaimed in order to enlarge our understanding of one of the darkest periods of history. In week one, we will consider the arguments for and against a specific study of gender and the Holocaust as the foundation for our course.

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