• 77 children: of those 22 are Welfare cases and 1 is a special needs child
  • Staff: Manager, 3 Class Supervisors, 12 Caregivers, 2 Cooks
  • Population: mainly lower income families

Special projects and intiatives:

The “Ma’on Va’od” program has been in operation since 2011. Parents pay an additional fee of 80 NIS per month and receive services: music and movement enrichment class, subscription to 5 theatre performances, birthday, channukah and purim gifts etc.

Zippy Levi, a Class Supervisor (of 2-3 year old age group) was selected this year to participate in a Professional Advancement Course at WIZO and she is front running a project to publish a quarterly newspaper for the DCC.

For the second year running the Ministry of Trade and Commerce has sent students who are doing a government certified caretakers (metaplot) course to the DCC to do their internship.

In previous years the Welfare Services funded the weekly visits of a social worker and occupational therapist but due to budget cuts these visits were terminated. The occupational therapist continues to visit the DCC every two weeks on a voluntary basis.