Meet the WIZO active groups:

ALIYAH 85 + Formed in 1945.   Membership only
AMIT 55’s – 65’s Formed in 2001. Co-Presidents Tammy Koniarski and Chana Shuvaly. An active Israeli Group who arrange a wide range of functions on a regular basis.
ARAD 80’s Formed in 1968.  Membership only
CARMEL 75 + Formed in 1975. Membership only
CHAVERA 45+ Formed in 2000. President Rosy Fischbein. Chavera is a committed group who arrange lively dynamic functions.
DAROM 95+ Formed in 1938. Membership only
DAVID 60 Formed in 2014. President Anna Michowski. This very active group organises many interesting and varied activities.
DOR 35+ Formed in 2010 President Ronit Chrapot. Group consists of young Israeli families who are very active. This Hebrew speaking group organises lots of functions through the year.
EILAT 80 + Formed in 1958. C0-Counsellors, Bella Hirshorn, Vera Finkel, Sonia Grinberg and Zuka Schulberg. This group of holocaust survivors mainly support WIZO Victoria functions.
GOLAN 65+ Formed in 1969. President Judy Pack. A WIZO group who enjoy a variety of events.
HADASSIM 90 + Formed in 1942. Membership only.
HARMONY 35+ WIZO Harmony was set up in 2013 by Estelle Dimand (President) to cater for the needs of working women, who are generally time poor but who want to socialise and meet other like-minded women and support the fund raising activities of WIZO. We are an active group that organises a range of activities that allow woman and their partners to attend.
KIDS 6-12/13 Formed in 2014. WIZO KIDS holds functions for kids in which they can help their local community and raise money for kids in Israel at the same time. Co-presidents: Roslyn Gunn and Danielle Hikri.
MACHAR 35+ Formed in 2001. President Lisa Farber. A group of active, energetic and committed women.
MASADA 60+ Formed in 1972. President Caroline Heard. A very large group with a core of very dedicated workers who organise a wide range of events. WIZO Victoria’s Executive contains a large percentage of Masada members.
MATAN 35+ Formed in 2009. President Keren Loyer. An active and dynamic group who are very involved in WIZO.
NATHANYA 80 + Formed in 1954.   President Lilian Movitz. Membership only.
NIRIM mid 75+ Formed in 1958. President Ruth Scheuer. Nirim is a devoted active group with a deep love of Israel.
OZ 60+ Formed in 2016. President Annette Silman, just started but already hard at work, with their own variety of functions and supporting WIZO Victoria functions.
SAVYON 60+ 80+

Mothers & daughters

Formed in 1987. President Belinda Farber. This group mainly supports WIZO Victoria functions.
SHARON 85+ Formed in 1948.   Membership only
TEENS 12-18 Formed in 2018. Follows on from WIZO Kids, encouraging Teens to give to their community.
TIVON 90 + Formed in 1968.   Membership only.
TOVA 45+ Formed in 2003. President Laurine Kark. This group of women, mostly from a South African background, are deeply committed to Israel. Group organises a wide range of functions on a regular basis.
TSAFON 80’s Formed in 1959, President Dora Ould. An active older group, many interesting functions
YARDEN 80+ Formed in 1952. Membership only.
YARKON 90+ Formed in 1948. Membership only.
ZAHAV 65 + Formed in 1963. Co-Presidents Elyane Hoffman and Veronica Ronec. This active self motivated group enjoys organising regular functions.
ZIONA 70+ Formed in 1969. Membership only