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Australian Actor and Advocate for Israel



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World WIZO President

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Date: Thursday August 22nd, 2024
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Time: 7PM


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Nathaniel Buzolic

Nathaniel Buzolic is an Australian actor, famous in Hollywood for his role in “Vampire Diaries.” Since October 7th, he has been a passionate advocate for Israel, actively supporting its right to self-defence.

Nathaniel has been publicly supporting Israel on different platforms and has given profound interviews to local and foreign media.

Nathaniel has visited Israel over 17 times. met returned hostages and hostage families and has been contributing in various ways to support its people. His instagram page, natebuzz, showcases his advocacy, highlighting his dedication to Israel and the Jewish community.

Dr. Ilana Dayan

Dr. Ilana Dayan is one of the leading figures in Israeli journalism. She broadcasts an investigative journalism program, “Uvda” (The Fact), on Channel 12, which has been highly rated for over two decades. “Uvda “has earned numerous prizes from the Israeli Academy of Film and accolades overseas at international festivals reflecting Ilana’s impact and influence.

Over the years, Ilana has interviewed numerous world leaders, including Presidents Clinton, Obama, and Zelensky, Tony Blair, Mahmoud Abbas, and many more. Ilana’s interviews worldwide discuss the current situation in Israel and provide a clearer picture of the challenges the country faces.

Raising Funds For Open House

Since October 7, resilience is a quality that individuals and families in Israel needs right now and WIZO is working hard to build it in every corner we can reach. In Sderot it means reopening the “Open House”, a unique centre in the heart of a shattered city.

Sderot’s 30,000 residents were forced to flee their homes after October 7. Now they have returned. WIZO reopened three bomb- protected Day Care Centres, which serve 200 children, 50 teachers and staff.

WIZO is now opening the “Open House”, a unique centre providing professional treatment, therapy and support programs to thousands of children and families in this deeply traumatised city.

Through the unique work of the Open House, WIZO will be making a powerful contribution to the rebirth and rehabilitation of Sderot and the Gaza envelope region. The purpose is to deal with trauma and post- trauma, to strengthen resilience and to heal the invisible wounds.

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