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WIZO Australia‘s 23rd Triennial Conference was held on Saturday 20th July- Monday 22nd July. WIZO delegates came from around Australia. WIZO Chaverot reunited together. The buzz was amazing. Gilla Liberman our Australian President officially opened the conference and surprised all with the first Life Time Achievement Award which was presented to Marianne van der Poorten. How proud we are of her. She is an inspiration to everyone who knows her.

The Theme of the Conference was We Care, We Share, We Dare. The aim was to inspire and educate members with new tools and new ideas. As Gilla said:

“We are faced with many challenges but our attendance indicates that we care enough to give up our time to be together. Our purpose this weekend is to Share our issues and come up with positive ideas that we can try. To take WIZO into the future we must ‘Dare’ to try new things.”

Professor Rivka Lazovsky, Chairperson of World WIZO, was welcomed as the keynote speaker. With an illustrious professional career in Education, Rivka came to WIZO fulltime in the 90’s. Rivka presented a most comprehensive, inspirational report with an incredible power point presentation on the work of WIZO and the situation in Israel. She introduced the WIZO Tapestry which was designed in 1920- 93 years ago and that WIZO members throughout the world continually embroider the tapestry

Gilla Liberman officially launched the ‘A Hero Lies in You’ fundraising campaign at the conference. The campaign aims to raise over a million dollars for the renovation of the WIZO Ahuzat Yeladim Boarding School in Haifa, sponsored by WIZO Australia.

Dr Denise Meyerson inspired everyone with a session on Dealing with Donor Maintenance and Team Building. This was a brilliant session, great for lateral thinking, with a lot of personal contact. Lego was used to build towers – to represent what we aspire to do in WIZO, expressing individuals  highs and lows and what we can do to give WIZO a better year. We need to be creative- bringing new ideas and skills to WIZO.

The highlight for all was the WIZO Aviv session- beautiful, young shining faces addressed the Conference. As Robyn Gerber said “Heart and mind is imperative”.  The tasks they presented certainly indicated that using social media and technology is an important tool.  As Rivka said to them: “Without this new generation we have no future. You are the future”. They  bring a new language.

There is no Fundraising without Friendraising in WIZO – this is a very important part of our ethos. Rivka said we must empower and recruit leaders. We must clarify our mission, our vision. We must have a sense of belonging. Networking is essential.

Professor Rivka Lazovsky said loud and clear- We are WIZO we are a SUPER POWER.

We Care, We Share and We Dare.

 “Join WIZO in bringing change to Israeli society. Support us in promoting equality in education and women’s rights in Israel. WIZO’s strength stems from the support it receives from Jewish communities around the world as well as from the tireless activism of Zionist women leading the movement to strengthen the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”


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