WIZO Kids and WIZO Teens have some exciting news to share!
WIZO Victoria aims to “enrich the life of children and youth”. With the intent of fulfilling our vision to the highest standard, we are implementing the Victorian child safe standards (CSS) and need your help. We know you will fully support and partner with us on this journey to ensure WIZO continues to be a child safe environment today and for the future.
Most of you will be aware that in Victoria any organisation which has contact with children must legally comply with seven compulsory minimum child safe standards (CSS). As all schools have had to implement the CSS you will likely be familiar with them. There is some useful information and resources available on the Commission for Children and Young Persons web site (https://ccyp.vic.gov.au) and Tzedek (https://www.tzedek.org.au).
Each standard requires organisations to review their current practice and update in response to the new legislative requirements. We will be implementing each standard and provide you further information as we progress.
Various WIZO Kids and WIZO Teens activities are held throughout the year. For those who wish to attend and stay with their child at these activities, please ensure that you have a Working with Children’s Check (WWCC). The office will require a copy of the WCC. Most of you are likely to have one already as it is required for school activity participation. We will need the name of the parent/family member who will attend and a copy of their WWCC. If you do not have one, it is very easy to get one. There is no cost for volunteers and the application can be done online (https://workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au). Anyone who is having trouble completing the process can contact the WIZO Victoria office on 9272 5588 and we will be happy to assist. You may not receive the WWCC card before our next activity but you will receive confirmation of your application and that will be sufficient for our purposes.
Under the CSS, volunteers who assist in organising the activities and providing supervision are also required to have a WWCC as well as other requirements to ensure they are well supported in their role. We kindly request that current volunteers and anyone who is thinking about volunteering, please contact the office on 9272 5588. While we are aware that morally and legally we must implement the CSS, we are inspired by the opportunity to improve in any way possible, the manner in which we keep children safe. The CSS are developed from best practice internationally and nationally and reinforce the need for adults to be aware of and responsible for ensuring child safety. Your children and all children are precious and there can be nothing more important than their safety, so we are committed to exceeding the minimum standards.
Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Dione Phillips
Executive Director
WIZO Victoria