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International Women’s Zionist Group awards its annual badge of shame for most sexist advertising to a new tourism campaign featuring actresses Noa Tishby and Gilat Ankori, saying the video reflects a ‘derisive attitude toward women.’

The WIZO-led “Shame Award” campaign aims to set the standards for the depiction of women in adverts. “We as consumers must set limits when it comes to marketing and advertising,” stated Gila Oshrat, chairperson of WIZO Israel.

A committee of journalists, academics, and legal experts ranked hundreds of degrading adverts and selected the Ministry of Tourism’s campaign featuring Noa Tishby as the worst of the pack. The ministry’s campaign “everyone brings one” calls on Israelis to invite people from all over the world to visit Israel. Throughout the commercial Tishby is depicted as someone that cannot successfully perform a man’s duty, in this case defending Israel, minimizing her role to simply bringing tourism to Israel. She is filmed lying in ambush, helplessly, with a trim dress and a helmet and told to help her country by bringing tourists – not by fighting. “The commercial sends an outdated message that women’s roles in society are limited to traditional norms. This is absolutely appalling in an age of combat women fighters working just as hard as their counterparts,” Oshrat said.

WIZO’s impact is felt every day. WIZO is proud to support Israel’s women with enrichment courses, leadership programs, and women’s shelters. Programs for everyone from girls, and single-women, to grandmothers and mothers-to-be are helping change societal norms one day at a time.

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