Emergency housing and treatment centre for young women in Be’er Sheva.

Empowering and keeping women safe is an integral part of WIZO’s philosophy.
Be’er Sheva is the largest city in the Negev Desert of Southern Israel and is a virtual melting pot of Jewish immigrants from East Africa, the former USSR and Ethiopia. In addition, its southern location and neighbouring Bedouin and Arab communities make for a complex social and diverse community.

in 2008, WIZO UK stepped in to create the ADI program in Be’er Sheva to assist a group of twelve girls ages 13 – 16 who had been emotionally, physically and sexually abused and who also lacked family or community support. As WIZO’s work and reputation expanded throughout Be’er Sheva, older girls aged 16-26 began to approach WIZO for help. The numbers of girls grew in both groups, not only making the premises crowded, but also making it clear that the developmental, emotional ad therapeutic needs of the two age groups were very different. The older girls needed a place of their own and WIZO Australia was approached to support this new project for 16 to 26 year olds. Makom Ba’Lev – A place in the heart.

This facility will take many young women off the streets and away from prostitution. It will given them an opportunity to be educated and go out into the community and become proud of what they can achieve.
Program highlights
* Professional counselling and support to a maximum of 50 young women
* Vocational rehabilitation tailored to individual needs
* Referral to medical care
* Safe and hygienic emergency housing
* Hot nutritious meals

“Makom Ba’Lev has given me a safe haven from the life I have been living. Here I feel safe, cared for and loved. I’m treated with respect and encouraged to become educated and to look forward to being able to make a positive contribution to my community” Adi