Emergency Appeal

For the past several weeks, Israeli citizens living in the South of the country have faced their worst fears. Rockets and mortars once again have been launched at our brothers, sisters and children in Israel from the Gaza Strip by terrorists. It is being taken to a new level as the terrorists are sending not only rockets and mortars, but flaming balloons and kites across the border to harm Israeli citizens.
It is in times like these that WIZO excels in providing the emotional support the southern residents need. Through our special programs, parents and children learn coping skills, how to process emotions and feelings and strategies to relieve stress and post-traumatic tension. These include individual consultation for parents of children suffering from post-traumatic behaviour and drama and movement therapy treatments for children.
During these times we see WIZO at its best – WIZO that is responsive and alert to the needs of the hour. WIZO that empowers every child, woman and youth in Israel in times of need.
WIZO needs YOUR help to continue its important work of empowering trauma victims by increasing their mental strength and their levels of confidence.
Please donate generously.