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Against all odds, Kate Weiss has managed to achieve the impossible.

Thrown in to the deep end when her daughter , Amy was born with a rare genetic disorder, Mrs Weiss refused to give in to despair, but used the challenges that lay ahead of her to grow.

The Caulfield North mother of two, and founder of Table of Plenty, recently won the Telstra Business Award for a business she created in tough times when she gave up her career to care full time for her disabled child.

Not one to wallow in self-pity or give up on life, Mrs Weiss put her energies into other creative outlets. “I call myself an accidental entrepreneur. I come from a very creative background, and my passion for creative food and flavours…..that’s what made me get into this business-that passion for creating things” says Mrs Weiss.

Jewish mums,who are known to juggle multiple tasks for others but rarely have the courage to take that leap into pursuing their own dream, would do well to heed the advice of Mrs Weiss who is an advocate for working women.”You need to do something your’e interested in and passionate about because you need that energy to get you through what it takes to start up.” Always have a motivation that is bigger than yourself and never stop believing. You never know where your next breakthrough will come from ” Mrs Weiss says.

” I want to acknowledge all the small business owners -particularly women- doing family and business at the same time. It’s a tough gig.Don’t limit yourself, and don’t give up,” she said.

Mrs Weiss has been through the gamut of experiences, from “hitting rock bottom” to “surviving and thriving” and Table of Plenty has had its fair share of highs and lows as Mrs Weiss persevered to build the multi-million dollar enterprise.

” I was faced with the challenging situation of dealing with a disabled child without my family around me. My wish was to live an exceptional life, to work for something greater than myself, and be able to secure Amy’s future even after my lifetime,” she said.

Mrs Weiss now mixes business and family with charitable work for many people with disability including Jewish Care and Scope.


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