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Yesterday the IDF and AM Israel lost 13 of their best sons. WIZO bows its head to honour their memory and sends condolences to their families.

Our wounded soldiers remain resilient in spirit & have requested to return to their units as soon as possible.
Earlier his morning two terrorist attack cells entered Israel from northern Gaza via two smuggling tunnels.
They were identified by IDF lookouts, and an air craft was dispatched to intercept them. The first cell was struck from the air, and ten of its members were killed.
The second cell fired an anti-tank missile at a military vehicle. Police closed roads in Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council near the Gaza border due to the security incident.
This proves how just our cause is and why Israel is entitled to defend her population and borders, This also proves that the IDF’s work is still not over.
With gruesome pictures coming out of Gaza, it is imperative that you continue to forward this material, while stressing that the IDF has done more than any other modern army to prevent civilian casualties. However, when terrorists use civilians as human shields tragedies can unfortunately happen.
The IDF requested that the civilian population evacuate their homes – the Hamas forced them to stay. Any Palestinian casualties and fatalities were caused by the Hamas – their blood is on their hands and the Hamas know this Moreover, while Israel agrees to two ceasefires so that humanitarian and medical aid could reach the population – the Hamas continued firing.
Let’s not forget that the Hamas leadership is either in fortified bunkers under Gaza City or overseas. They are not facing the IDF, they have abandoned the residents of Gaza to the misguidance of the Hamas and Jihad militants. Please help the world understand this,
It is imperative that this information reach as many people as possible. It is important that Israel’s side – the facts and the actual truth be heard and known.

A united Am-Israel can work wonders. United we stand against all that would try to harm us.
Let us pray with one heart in one voice for better days.


Tova Ben-Dov
World WIZO

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