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On September 15th 2011 and after over 3 years at the helm, Anita Bejerano stepped down as President of WIZO Victoria. In her stead, Sylvia Green, who was one of Anita’s Vice Presidents has taken up the position.

Anita decision to step down as President at this time was one that was not taken lightly, but due to family commitments and pressures of work, she felt that the timing was right. During her Presidency, Anita implemented a number of wonderful innovations such as the introduction of a membership card and loyalty book; she initiated the Womans magazine and formed a number of new groups all of which will remain as a mark of her legacy.

Sylvia Green was not only Vice President to Anita, but for the past 3 years was also President of WIZO Masada.  Although new to this position, Sylvia feels that her experience as a Group President has given her an understanding and insight into the work and commitment of WIZO volunteers and this is something which she takes with her into this next phase as President of WIZO Victoria.

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