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Letter from President Re: Fire Appeal 2016

Dear Chaverot,

Following the devastating fires that have swept through Haifa, I would like to give you an up to date report of the severe damage to Ahuzat Yeladim.

Fortunately, all the children were evacuated in time. Most were relocated to WIZO Nahalal whilst another 15 students were taken home by the dedicated staff.

It is anticipated that the students will return to the school this week. To facilitate this, electricians have been working to repair the severe damage done to the electrical system.

Damage to the new School of Life building is extensive with the Bakery, Computer Room, Pet Therapy and Greenhouse all damaged or totally destroyed.

Luckily, all the animals were saved.

We are awaiting on the assessors to decide on the fate of the damaged buildings.

WIZO has also gone into action providing shelter, clothing and care to the thousands of Israelis affected by the fires.

WIZO Victoria has initiated an Emergency Appeal to help put shattered lives back.

All donations over $2 are now tax deductible.

Sylvia Green
President WIZO Victoria


WIZO Victoria

WIZO Victoria, the Women’s International Zionist Organisation, is a non-party international movement dedicated to the advancement of the status of women, welfare of all sectors of Israeli society and encouragement of Jewish education in Israel and the Diaspora.

WIZO is recognised by the United Nations as a Non-Government Organisation, with consultative status on ECOSOC and UNICEF.

WIZO enriches the lives of children and youngsters in Day Care centres and schools, provides a framework for youth in its network of youth clubs and one-on-one assistance for teenage girls in distress and victims of domestic violence. who obtain psychological counselling, rehabilitative care and legal assistance.

“The goal of WIZO is to respond to the challenges that arise in Israeli society – through every stage of life.”

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  • Esther WakermanEsther Wakerman
    "I joined WIZO 33 years ago...to get out of the house and talk to like minded adults, to have fun at different functions, to learn new skills, to make new friends, to do something for others and to express my zionism in a tangible way... and I'm still here so it must have worked!"
  • Lindsey Cohen BasserabieLindsey Cohen Basserabie
    "I joined WIZO for a number of reasons...I have such a privileged life with so many blessings and wanted to be able give back to the community and express solidarity with Israel. Over the years I have also really enjoyed the social aspect of it - it's a great feeling when a group of girls comes together to plan a function and it all comes together!"
  • Sue GuthSue Guth
    "I joined WIZO 32 years ago to have a link to Israel. The group I belong to has raised over $1.3 million which is a significant amount to have had good effect for worthwhile projects in our Australian linked WIZO kindergartens, crèches and of course Ahuzat Yeladim , the amazing home in Haifa for teenagers."

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